The Hardicke Arms Hotel Summer Desserts Menu

For the sweet tooth amongst us.

Mango & Passionfruit Cheescake                    £5.95

This fresh and summery mango and passionfruit cheescake has huge “yummy” factor, it’s sweet, tarts and simply gorgeous after a meal, you can have your cheesecake with a choice of ice cream, whipped cream or simply as it comes.

allegens: wheat (gluten), dairy, eggs

Triple Chocolate Brownie                    £5.95

A rich “triple chocolate brownie” is simply one of the best choices for the chocoholic, you can have your brownie with a choice of whipped cream, ice cream (we recommend a chocolate ice cream for that death by chocolate experience) and drizzled with a belgian chocolate sauce and garnished with fresh strawberry and a leaf of mint.

allergens: Wheat (Gluten), Dairy, Eggs

Creme Brulee                    £5.95

Our home cooked cremem brulee is unctuous, creamy and beautifully smooth with a scortched top which cracks as it should, our brulee is served with a suprise biscuit.

allergens:  Dairy, Eggs

Apple and Summer Berry Crumble                    £5.95

Our home cooked crumble filling is a mixture or sweet and tart and covered with a nice thick layer of toasted crumble, you can have your crumble with a choice of ice cream, custard or just as it comes.

allergens:  Dairy, Eggs, wheat (gluten) 

Double Chocolate Cake                    £5.95

Sometimes one simply feels like a slice of home baked double chocolate cake, and for those this is just the cake for you.

allergens:  Dairy, Eggs, wheat (gluten) 

Carrot Cake                     £5.95

If the chocolate cake didn’t appeal to you then we’re pretty confident this carrot cake will, it’s just the way you would dream a carrot cake should be! just awesome in it’s look and taste, go on, have a slice and let us know if this isn’t just the best carrot cake ever! 

allergens:  Dairy, Eggs, wheat (gluten) 

please speak to your server for any dietry needs or questions about allergies not listed in the menu.