The Hardwicke Arms Christmas Day 2019 Menu -- £59.95 p/p

Join us for this special 5 course meal, you wont leave here hungy!

2019/12/25 16:50:40


Soup of the day (v)

Spicy Roasted Butternut Soup and bread roll (can be substituted for Gluten Free roll)

As well as, one of the lovely dishes below.


Our carefully roasted quail starter is a crowd pleaser, with a plumb sauce and warm beetroot slices

G&T Salmon Terrine 

A creamy fish parfe topped with scottish kilm roasted samon and a luscious gin and tonic creamy centre 

Duck liver Pate 

Served with bown toast and a sweet balsamic onion chutney

Beetroot and Brie Tartlet  (v)

A decadent Brie and Beetroot Chutney in a crunchy gluten-free tart pastry (GF) (V)

Main Course

All the main course dishes are served with a selection of vegetables, roast potatoes, gravy and of course a yorkshire pudding!

Philo & Salmon Parcels 

A beautiful creamy cut of salmon wrapped in a philo blanket and oven roasted to perfection.

Roast Turkey

Roast Turkey seved with all the usual festive joy that we all know and love!


Each baby chicken is selected for it’s size, and roasted to be succulent and juicy, one poussin per serving is just about perfect for you to be well satisfied!

10 Hour slow-braised Brisket

Overnight Roated Beef brisket, so tender and succulent you wont even need a knife to cut through it, it doesnt get any more perfect than this!  Served with horseradish sauce and all the trimmings, oh, and a yorkie!

Venison Steak

The perfectly cooked venison streak is served with foondante potatoes, a rich spicy plumb sauce and vegetables, if you’re the lovetr of fine meats then this is definitely the dish for you, the chef recommends a temperature of rare to meium rare to make this dish perfect!

Mushroom and Stilton Wellington (v)

Golden crisp puff pastry, generously filled with tender mushrooms, wilted spinach and a rich creamy stilton cheese. this is a must for the veggie lovers out there!


Christmas Pudding 

What Christmas meal would be complete without our home baked christmas pudding, baked last year and left to cure for a whole year! .. yummyness!

Festive Creme Brulee

Our famous creme brulee, with a little surprise, served with a ginger cookie!

Gluten Free triple chocolate Brownie

Served with whipped cream, ice cream or custard

Ice Cream and proper wholesome Ginger biscuit!

3 Scoops of Ice cream served with a biscuit! (choose from the ice creams below)

Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry or Caramel (or select three different ones)

Chocolate Torte

Our chocolate torte is without a doubt the best possible way to end a Christmas Meal, served with whipped cream, a strawberry and drizzled with chocolate sauce, this is a chocolate overload, but oh so worth it!

Cheese Board

A lovely selection of three cheeses, figs, grapes, celery sticks and of course some crunchy savoury biscuits

In order for you to pre-order your meals ahead of time please download the menu and then email us the numbers as well as their meals, please include children meals and any special dietary needs or allergies for your guests

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We do have nut products on our kitchen and although all measure will be made to keep the nut products seperated from all other ingredients we cannot gaurantee that there may not be some contact with nut prodcuts, if you have a servere NUT ALLERGY speak advise your server.